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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preterm Correspondence

I haven't had much time to write this week, so I thought we could hear from a guest blogger today. 

Introducing the First Epistle of Xander to the Wescotts and Roberts, proffered in utero, as witnessed and subsequently set down for posterity by May Elizabeth Wescott, nee Roberts.

"September 18, 2010
(As transcribed by his mother since he currently does not have access to a computer, the internet, or fine motor control.)

Hey family,

How're things? I can't wait until I get to see you again. Only a few more months (or weeks depending on how patient I can be) until my arrival. Things here are getting a bit more cramped as I continue to get bigger. I learned a new trick yesterday. If I stretch real tall I can kick my Mom right under her ribs. She thinks it's pretty funny and keeps putting her hand on me to make sure that it's me kicking her and not some weird muscle spasm. I guess she's surprised because I've never kicked her above her belly button before.

Mom is keeping pretty busy but she's trying harder to not be so stressed about stuff. I guess she told her boss that she needed to take one of her classes off her plate so they cut her from full time to .83 and hired a new teacher to take over her yearbook class and responsibilities. The new guy only started on Wednesday, so I haven't noticed any change in her schedule, but you know Mom, she has a hard time saying no and letting go. (I guess that will be sort of a mixed bag when I start wanting to drive.)

We went to see the cardiologist yesterday to talk about the weird heart palpitations Mom has been having. The doctor told Mom that everything looks "benign" which I guess means that while the heart flutters she's been having are irritating they're not an indication of anything more serious. I think the flutters are cool because it breaks up the monotony of that steady pounding I hear all the time. Must be my Dad coming out in me, but I really could use some tunes in here.

Dad put together my new stroller last night. He didn't swear or yell once. Mom says it must mean that he's excited to have me around since normally when he builds things he gets really frustrated. Mom also says that since they now have a car seat and a stroller they are prepared to take me home from the hospital, but I shouldn't take that as an invitation to come early. She keeps telling me I'm a cookie that needs to bake longer.

Plus, I don't think they're really ready for me yet. Besides the stroller we have a pack and play and a crib in a box with no mattress. Also, there's a couple of outfits that Grandma Roberts gave Mom a few years ago as a way to motivate Mom to concentrate on getting me born. I don't think this is any indication that they're ready for me. I mean there is still a piano in my room for Pete's Sake!

Mom says that they're going to get my room ready at the end of October when she and Dad go on fall break. Personally, I think that's waiting too long so I've been pushing those hormones in the nesting direction so she'll get started on things. She and Aunt Susanna sat down a couple of weeks ago and started registering for all the stuff I'll need. Aunt Susanna gave Mom lots of advice on the best kinds of stuff to get me. Mom seemed kind of overwhelmed at first but with Aunt Susanna's help she eventually got kind of excited about it all.

Well, I'm getting kind of sleepy so I think it's time for a nap. Afterwards I think I'll do a couple of front flips and practice moving my fingers and toes. Who knew that all this growing could be so exhausting.

Love you lots. Say hi to all my cousins for me. I'm sure looking forward to hanging out with them again. We sure had some good times talking about all the funny stuff you older people are doing while we were waiting to be
This isn't Xander, but he's a spitting image.
Xander turned out to be even more impatient than he lets on, since just three weeks after this missive his mother entered the hospital eleven weeks too soon and didn't leave until five weeks later when Xander was born, still too early, on November 15.

Some of you know this story well by now, but if you're following what's happening to Xander currently, I thought a flashback might be fun. And thanks to May. She's had a trying year, but we both know he's worth it.


  1. Xander sounds so grown up and has a beautiful and endearing prose. He is so going to write someday.
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  2. Maybe he'll want to study martial arts. He's apparently got a really nice high kick.

  3. Yes, yes, he's a budding David Mamet. :)