"Temporality is part of the truth" -- Chuck Klosterman

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I totally lied.

Remember a month and a half ago when I said I was back in the groove, like Homer after the carnies vacated his house?

I suppose I didn't so much "lie" as "not follow through."

Since then, I've written scarcely a word that wasn't about a high school IB World Literature paper or an eleventh grade argument essay, and to be honest there weren't a whole lot of the latter turned in despite the arrival of the end of the quarter. I even abandoned my critique group since not living up to expectations was giving me the figurative ulcer.

I'm now midway through my Spring Break, and I should have a lot more time on my hands. I do, but I don't. This was all a lot easier last year when the boy was immobile and would sit in his little chair or the crook of my arm without a fuss while I typed away at my chronicles. So, whatever. I'm going to have to make it happen.

Feng Shui:
Maybe all my mom needed was
a few rocks to stack.
By now you may have noticed a slight change or two on the bloggy face of Building Castles on the Beach. Just a little touch-up to start things fresh. My mom used to do this with the furniture. Every year or so, she'd rearrange the house: put the couch on the far wall, the television in the other corner. It was a novelty that lasted a day or two, then we all realized that we still had he same comfy couch to nap on and the same old telly to watch Leave it to Beaver in the summer. So don't worry about me. I really only changed the pretty colors.

I have had to delete my offering of fellow blogs, though. About half of the blogs I read a year ago are defunct or at least on a longer hiatus than I have ever been, so keeping them on a blogroll seemed counterproductive. I haven't been reading many (by which I mean: any) other blogs anyway, so when I reacquaint myself with the great ones, I'll be sure to make my recommendations known.

And I still need to find a better widget to spotlight some music, something I can update or change according to my whim. Any ideas anyone?

Give me a cravat, and that's definitely me.
There's one more item I need to address before too long. Last month, Shelly over at The Life of a Novice Writer proffered me the honorific "Hot Man of Blogs." I'm unclear on the "hot" part of all this, but she compares me to the dad in Father Knows Best (or maybe Marcus Welby MD, but that would make less sense), which for many reasons would have unsettled me in my younger days, but which today I understand is fairly spot on. I'm not Robert Young exactly, but I am a father and I do happen to know best. I'm glad someone finally noticed.

And, remember, I didn't really lie.

So, I'm back. Save some space and time for tirades against stupidity, plugs for good tunes, and odes to my son. I don't plan to burn out or fade away anytime soon.


  1. I think Shelly senses these things....

    1. Rearranging the furniture is a good way to find out if something died under the couch.

    2. Or treasures, Bryan. You might find treasures, not just dead things.

  2. Glad to see you back, big feller. I was wondering if I was going to have to move you over into my "limbo" file which I only check maybe once a month or so.

    I've been having a bit of writers block myself. Still hammering out random tripe, but it's hard. Maybe we should contact the CDC about this....

    And yeah, that new word verification thing sucks bad!

    1. I suppose I'm in limbo more often than not. But thanks for keeping tabs on me anyway. I'll have to get over to the Pepper Spray to catch up.

  3. Wow! I was pretty surprised to see that your blog had been updated on my blogroll! I like the new look, and welcome back. I hope you figure out your writing groove soon!

    1. Thanks Julie. And I'll have to catch up with you, too.