"Temporality is part of the truth" -- Chuck Klosterman

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In TV Land, Hiatus Means Cancelled

But this is Blogland, and in Blogland hiatus can mean whatever you want it to mean.

I really don't have much to say today, except that I've decided I'm putting the blogging on low priority for the next two weeks. As I've said, school is up and coming, and I need to do some kind of prep work. At the very least I need to read those books I'm supposed to teach. Plus, I need to start keeping better hours. Heading to bed after midnight and getting out of bed  sometime between eight and nine in the morning when the baby wakes isn't going to help me in two weeks.

I also need to do some house reparations. Just small things like touch up painting and patching holes in walls and preventing leaks in faucets. I can do the others, but I hate plumbing. Why don't they teach plumbing in school? Who cares about Lord of the Flies when your bathroom sink remains stopped up for six years and the procession of plumbers can't figure out why.

But I procrastinate. I told my wife that if I don't get these fixes done in two weeks, she can call a handyman. What a blow to my masculinity that would be.

And I have my brother-in-law's manuscript to review. And I need to do some revision on my own manuscript. Or at least add something to the new story about ghosts and aliens. And come up with a pitch and log line for an agent.

The last thing before school starts this year is the writer's workshop I'm attending in San Fransisco. It's called the Write to Market Algonkian Conference. I've been putting off exploring a lot of possible pathways to publication in anticipation of this event. I'm supposed to bring a pitch and speak to actual agents and everything.

This is a pretty big deal for me. I've been putting off this particular ambition for far too long. So when I come back in a couple of weeks with my book deal, you can say you knew me when.

In the meantime, I'll log on and read your blogs as time allows. I won't completely disappear. Don't fret. I knew you were fretting.

And you should go back and read a post here that you haven't read before. I appreciate it.


  1. I'll fret or not as I darn well please! Especially when you aren't around. But I will understand. We all will.

    They should teach basic homeowner skills in high school. Painting, plumbing, electrical. Repairing or replacing drywall, how to lay carpet and tile and linoleum. Simple things like that. Give them some real world skills that will save them from losing their deposit on their first apartment.

    Good luck on the book deal. Just be yourself. I'm sure you will impress them.

    "I knew Brent when he was just a blogger...."

  2. I never read Lord of the Flies in school. I read it later in life though.

    Have fun at the conference and good luck with your pitch!

  3. Good luck with the conference and the pitch. Sounds like a jam-packed few weeks, but well-worth it. Even the home repairs. :)

  4. Lord of the Flies isn't about plumbing!? I should probably read it some time.

  5. Many people take a break this time of the year. Summer brings vacations and sometimes other things get in the way. Enjoy your break!

  6. They don't need to teach plumbing in school. Everything you need to know is on google and youtube. You will be missed. Get that book deal!!

  7. Good luck on the book deal! - remember all of your bloggy friends when you become famous!

  8. Careful with all those repairs! Just make sure you don't get too overly confident and screw something up just because you refused to read the instructions! Just a suggestion...

    Good luck with that book deal!

  9. Your baby sleeps until 8 or 9? What did you have to give to the devil to make that deal happen, and how can I contact him?

  10. I had a discussion about Lord of the Flies this weekend with a friend. It had to do with the concept behind "Tyranny of the majority".

  11. Well if you must go you must go...

    But only since it's just temporary.

    As Overlord(ess) I wouldn't allow you to leave permanently without a great big battle.

  12. Good luck with your pitch and I hope you are having a wonderful time!! I love conferences and pitching to agents. I think it's much harder for them to say no to your face than in an email where they can maintain anonymity. It helps get your foot in the door.

  13. Hey, I'm sorta back. I will now respond to your kind comments:

    @ darev: These days if it's not on a state test, it's not worth teaching in school. No plumber's proficiency, unfortunately.

    @ MJ: I hope you enjoyed Lord of the Flies. It's one of the greats for a reason.

    @ Stacy: It was a packed couple of weeks. Didn't get much done, though.

    @ Bryan: There's a part in the story where Piggy has to build an underground sewage system at the behest of the big kids. It gets really messy, if I remember correctly.

    @ Theresa: Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing.

    @ Charlie: Something went weird with my lawnmower and now it doesn't run very fast. I tried looking it up on the interwebs, but didn't really get anywhere. Where's all this info that's supposed to be at your fingertips?

    @ Laughingmom: Don't worry, I never forget...who are you again?

    @ Candice: I always read instructions. I'm anxious about doing things the wrong way, then having to do them again because I screwed up.

    @ Shelly: :)

    @ Doug: He actually wakes up around five in the morning, takes a bottle, then sleeps in a little. He's pretty considerate that way.

    @ Michael: Yes, Lord of the Flies is a good example of that.

    @ Chanel: I've always got this in the back of my mind: don't displease the Overlord(ess) or things will go Ghostbusters bad.

    @ Julie: You're right. The agents were especially kind, despite the anxiety I naturally felt.