"Temporality is part of the truth" -- Chuck Klosterman

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Loathe to Admit

But I am, after all, irresistible AND sweet. I didn't want it to get out, but what are you gonna do?

Gail at Chasing after the Stars sent me this blog award. She added the Stylish Blogger award with it (which I already have and am pretending wasn't included), and she answered questions from the Blog Tag thing that's been going around like the plague an amusing playground game. (And if you don't know how I feel about tagging, read this. My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.)

Plus, strawberries.

As with most blog awards, I'm supposed to tell seven things about myself. So, let's play a game: One of the following statements is a lie. See if you can spot which one. (If I get enough comments down below, I will reveal the secret answer, so check back often.)

1. I own almost 4000 musical albums.
2. I don't like dogs.
3. I've never read Jane Eyre.
4. There are nuclear-powered squirrels in my backyard. (Remember I said one of these is a "lie." Perhaps I'm just adding language flourishes to a true statement.)
5. I lost 2.4 pounds just yesterday.
6. I don't watch sports unless I'm coaching the game in question.
7. I would literally pay up to dozens of dollars for the never-in-print CD Belfegore by the band Belfegore.

Now I'm supposed to answer these awkward questions.

8.Do you think you're hot?
I feel like I've been sweating for most of the summer. The mugginess of Florida and the heat of Vegas has followed me around for weeks, and now Denver is flooding with rain and it's never been so humid around here. So, yes, I'm hot.

9.Upload a picture or wallpaper that you're using at the moment. 
I like spacewallpapers.net. I always have an image like this on my computers at home and school. Yowzers! is right. Thank you Mr. Hubble.
This is the Sombrero Galaxy, discovered, obviously, by Mr. Sombrero.

10. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
I'm not sure what this question is asking. Did this meme get started by the Chicken Council of America? Are they taking down demographic data here? If so, my answer is that I like to eat chicken of all varieties and you can reach me through marketing campaigns playing early 80's straight edge hardcore music, like 7 Seconds or Minor Threat.

11. The song(s) you listened to recently:
Seriously? I listen to music all day. Right now Young the Giant is playing. They sing this song. You've probably heard it.

Earlier today, I had a Goldfrapp thing going on. Their last year's album Head First is a disco classic. Sorry about this video. It's like Xanadu met The Crow in an effort to capitalize on Twilight. But the song is outta sight.

12. What were you thinking as you were doing this?
I put the baby to sleep in his crib an hour ago. He just woke up again. Now my wife is mad at me. We can't seem to agree when and where and how to get him to bed.

13. Do you have nicknames? What are they?
My name rhymes too easily, so I think kids had a hard time coming up with anything for me. (Ha ha, Brent the Rent! Has a Dent, with a Cent, and got Bent. Doesn't work, see?)

My mom used to call me Beaker. After this guy:
He doesn't have glasses, but I like the hair.

The Muppets rule, so I was proud of this name. And like The Muppet Show, this nickname didn't last past 1981. Feel free to resurrect it if you want.

Tag 8 bloggers: 

I think I'll tag some of the bloggers I've more recently started following. No offense to the usual suspects over to the left. If you don't read those blogs already, you should.

So "You're It." You can take the strawberries if you want, or you can just be "it" for a day. Or both. Your call.

Jolene at Been Writing
Nubian at Nubian
Mark at Musings of a Madman (Mark is one smart dude who deserves more readers. Help a brother out.)

Sorry to the above chosen few if you don't like this kind of thing. Or if you were just tagged and don't want to go through the ordeal again. Please don't feel an obligation to do anything about it. We all just scattered away anticipating your chase, but you can leave us dangling out there like a skinned rabbit if you want.


  1. Thank you very much. I love it. I think the lie would be that you don't like dogs. Am I correct?

  2. I thought i was the only one with nuclear powered squirrels in my yard. Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

  3. Thanks for passing on the award. Even if I'm too lazy/uninspired/fill in the blank to write my own award post.

    Ah, the great Sombrero who coined the Sombrero galaxy.

    Yeah, what's up with the chicken question? What's the agenda? Is there a wrong answer?

    I feel like you about dogs. Sadly, I'm getting one next year. My daughter loves them as much as I loathe them. It's going to have to be the most well-behaved, catlike dog to make it in my house.

  4. Brent, you are so funny! Thanks for the tag!

    I cringed when I read you and your wife can't agree on a sleep schedule for your son. Isn't it funny how sleeping and pooping seem to consume your every thought when you have a baby? My husband and I argue over the most ridiculous things. *sigh* And it's usually me mad at him for not doing something 'right'.

    Now you have me wondering which of the seven facts about you is fiction. Hmmm...is it the dropping weight thing? If not, you may not want to advertise that on the internet. I know people who would KILL to find out how you lost 2.4 pounds in a day (me included). : )

  5. Wow, you're hysterical :)
    Also, I'm off to itunes, or my brother (who seems to always find music for free) for some more downloads... happee :D

  6. @ Nubian: I do, in fact, not like dogs. I don't like cats, either. Just not a pet person.

    @ darev: I am working on a post about the squirrel menace. You'll have to let me know how your squirrels got their super powers.

    @ Theresa: My wife asked me recently what I'm going to do when--not if--when our son asks for a dog. I told her I'd say no. I don't know why anything will be any different, though, because I never could say no to my daughters. Luckily, they never asked for a dog.

    @ Emily: Just this minute, I got the baby down for his nap my way--so I win.

    I did, in fact, lose the 2.4 pounds. And another 3.2 lost as of this morning. Either my scale is broken or I'm doing something right.

  7. @ Jolene: Thanks. Glad to see people trying different music, but I'm telling if you go download music for free. Unless it's Belfegore. I'd buy that for a dollar. (Ahem, can I get in touch with your brother?)

  8. Thank you for the award....you know those things are a lot of work. Right?

    And, congrats to you! Looks like you enjoy the work. SCHWOO! I'm tired now.

  9. Awww...Look at you being all award-winning and stuff.

    I think the "Never read 'Jane Eyre'" is the lie, simply because I find it hard to believe that an ENGLISH TEACHER has never read such a classic. I don't care if you think it's a chick book, it's my absolute favorite of all time. If you've REALLY never read it, you NEED to!!!

  10. @ Shelly: you've got to have fun with these things or it IS a lot of work. Get a good night's sleep.

    @ Candice: I have, in fact, never read Jane Eyre. I've read about 10 chapters or something, but not the whole thing. It has nothing to do with chick lit, either. I have a healthy appreciation for Victorian Lit. I would just rather read other stuff. :)

  11. Dude, this was great! Congrats on the award! And, I love your wallpaper pic. And, AND, you've gotta check out HEALTHY SLEEP HABITS FOR HAPPY CHILDREN. It saved my life while raising my twin sons.

    Don't forget your Independence Day flash fiction today!

  12. Ooo! Thanks for the link to space wallpapers. I have an addiction to awesome wallpapers ^_^

  13. @ ali: I watched my sister in law raise twins while her husband was in Iraq. Kudos to you.

    My wife has read that book. I still think she's doing it wrong. :) But I haven't read it, so maybe she's not following the rules. I wouldn't know.

    Thanks for visiting.

    @ Amy: The space wallpaper seems to keep my students entertained when I project my computer screen. :)

  14. Well I know you really don't like dogs. Or animals. Not even fish of the virtual variety.

    I think the lie would have to be the first one. My grandfather has a whole room dedicated to his musical appreciation and there isn't room in it for four thousand albums on record, CD, or AV cassette.

    That being said...

    I don't even like strawberries, so I'm glad you didn't pass this on to me. But you really should have included Doug. You know how he gets when he doesn't get an award...

  15. I guess I'll put everyone out of their misery and tell you that this was a trick. All of the seven things are true. Mostly. I mean, I do watch the World Cup every four years. And I haven't counted my CDs in a while, so I don't know exactly how many, but I am approaching 4000. Sorry if this ruined anyone's day.

    @ Chanel: I was pondering the fish thing before but decided my blog page was already cluttered enough.

    And Doug hasn't yet read this, or maybe he has and was so offended he didn't comment. I'll watch out for him.

  16. Hey, Scott! Thanks for the award. I'm out of town most of the summer and my blog has been suffering from lack of attention.

    Love your new layout, and your boy is so cute. I also love your taste in music.

  17. Thanks, Julie. Stay out on vacation for as long as you can. Mine is coming to a close and it saddens me every time. :)

  18. So they're alllll true? I FEEL CHEATED

  19. I know. Sorry, Nicki. I couldn't come up with an lie that didn't sound outlandish at the onset. So the lie was that there was a lie. My bad.

  20. Somehow I missed this post. Anyway, you said, "No offense to the usual suspects over to the left. If you don't read those blogs already, you should."

    I was on the left the last time I looked over there, so I could not take offense.

  21. That's right, Doug. See how I account for everything?