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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Belly Button and Two Too-Toos

You've been dying to know. It's been stressing you out. You've had bad dreams. The thought of it makes you want to go kick a teacher in the shins.

So I present to you...his first time at the cotillion...let's give it up for...Xander's normal belly button! Yay! (Imagine Kermit the Frog here.) If you missed the previous post with the gargantuan outie, read this.
It might even be an innie.

Time isn't acting at full strength, however. It performed its magic on his tummy region, but his lungs still need some work. If you missed my post about his need for piped in air, read this. He's on 1/16 of a liter of oxygen, which is a tiny amount, but it's what he needs so that he doesn't over-exert himself. We lug him around with his nasal cannula trailing behind, but once a day for an hour, we're allowed to turn off the oxygen. I suppose it helps build his stamina. We can now take him outside for little while, or carry him downstairs, and we don't have to schlep a tank of oxygen over a shoulder.

Finally, I must rejoice at the Changing of the Pacifier. My oldest daughter called hers a "too-too." So that's what I think when I consider which face plug to insert in my son's mouth. First, there's the transparent green too-too that began its tenure in the hospital and allows full view of the inside of the child's mouth when you look straight at it. It's disturbing.
Out with the old...

But look at how nicely this butterfly model shapes the lad's face. This makes him look more like a baby and less like a stopped up sink. He can almost grab it and put it in himself, too-too. Ha.
...in with the new.

And because cuteness counts:
 Isn't he silly? He's wearing a diaper on...his...head!


  1. Adorable! Can't wait to meet your little man in person . . . when rsv season is over!

  2. Xander's a real cutie. I'm glad things are progressing well with him and his little oxygen tank. I hope he'll be untethered soon. :)

    My daughter had a massive outie for a couple of weeks, too. Fortunately for her, it all calmed donw and turned into a cute little innie.

    Also, I know what you're talking about with that weird green binky. I didn't use it for my kids after the hospital.

  3. Aw! Look at that face!

    You know, I'm not the biggest fan of babies or small children but Xander is pretty cute. Look at that baby face!

  4. Awwwww man those cheeks are so made for kissing!! Such a cutie he is.

    Glad his little belly button is well...little like it's meant to be.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. My wife was wondering if he would be as cute to other people if he didn't have the oxygen cannula on his face. Like it gives him extra consideration for empathy or something. But he's probably just cute.

  6. I am glad I am not the only one disturbed by the view from the adult side of the green sink stopper pacifiers. Plus, there is no where to attach the clip on binky (what my daughter called them)leash...possibly the best baby invention EVER!

    He is getting so big. What a cutie!

  7. I can't survive as a parent if I don't know where the too-too is at all times. The pacifier leash is a wonder.

  8. I love that little guy, and he is much cuter that his already high photographic level of cuteness in person.