"Temporality is part of the truth" -- Chuck Klosterman

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not Milestones

The boy will be eleven months tomorrow.

Considering I started this blog as a way to chronicle my baby's growth, I haven't written much about him lately. Teaching has basically been a boot to the head so far this year, and I've had about five minutes to myself since August. To temper the sting, though, my soccer team has had a swell season, and in a week we'll be garnering a decent berth at the state playoffs.

So what has the boy been up to lately? Not much. He seems to be past the milestone-every-week phase. He's not walking, not talking, not cruising, not waving, not clapping, not teething, not drinking from a cup, not potty training (that's a-waaaay off). Not that he's unhealthy or anything. He's been deemed "normal" at this point, despite the circumstances of his birth. He's just on the cusp. It's like he's gearing up to turn into a real boy, but Jiminy Cricket hasn't visited just yet. (Is that the wrong reference? I don't like Pinocchio.)

So what is there to say?

He is cute. That's not a milestone. He was born that way. Lady Gaga would approve. (I'm going to consider taking that reference out completely.)

How about some pictures, then?

Yeah, I know.


  1. Sometimes they just like to take their sweet time.

    Perhaps he's planning on reciting the Gettysburg Address when he first speaks, instead of merely "mamma" or "dada" like most children.

    Or maybe he's waiting until you get really concerned and then he's going to bust out with all of the normal things all at once, so you'll feel really relieved and proud.

    Or maybe he just thinks it's funny to watch you watch him.

  2. Yup. He sure is cute. A little chubby chunk.

  3. Yep. I agree. He's a cutie. 11 months? How fun! Pretty soon, he will be sitting in a chair covered from head to toe in his first ever birthday cake. Good times. :)

  4. Chanel: It's like he's teasing us. He knows we're waiting for something. So he's keeping it to himself.

    Shelly: He doesn't seem that chubby to me. Maybe that's just because of how little he was at first. Now he just looks healthy.

  5. Candice: Somehow I'll figure out a way to post something on his birthday. Filled with crazy ice cream pictures.

  6. Hi, I stopped by because your blog is being promoted over on the pay it forward blogfest. Precious baby. I have teenagers and a 10 year old. Seeing this picture makes me miss the baby days, then I remember the nights without sleep and it goes away. Wait, what am I saying? I still have nights without sleep waiting for the teenagers to get home from their dates. At least I knew the babies were inside our home.

    Nice to meet you

  7. Just stopping by because someone else out there loved this place and recommended it, that would be MJ Fifield. Anwway, cute kid, I've got one just a tad older than that that has moved in with us recently. Those little buggers are all about touching, grabbing, sticking in their mouth, and overall, just exploring. Good luck.

  8. I don't know; it looks like he just passed the "wearing pants as a hat" milestone, truly a significant turning point in anyone's life.

  9. That first picture there.

    "Hello senorita. My name ees Julio. You want to see my couch? Eet ees verrrry comfy to lay on, I assure you. Go ahead, try eet out! I no mind."

  10. He obviously knows that his Daddy is an English teacher, so he wants to be sure that his first words are grammatically correct and worthy of such a learned father! Oh, the pressure!

  11. @ Melissa: I also have two teenage daughters, so I know what you mean about another whole kind of worry. Now I have both kinds. Yay?

    @ Rusty: Love MJ's Pet Blog. Thanks for coming over.

    Wed keep the boy on a leash if we could, but he'd just find a way out anyway. Good times.

    @ Bryan: Oh, he passed that milestone a while back. He just comes back to it now and then. Memories...

    @ darev: I'm not ready to imagine the boy talking to any girls, even while rocking the Spanish accent.

    @ Lola: Yeah, he already knows better than to split his infinitives.

  12. Hi Brent! I'm a fellow Coloradoan, and I found your site through the Pay it Forward shout-outs. Can't wait to explore some more!

  13. LisaAnn, I think I sat next to you at the RMFW conference last month. (I perused your own blog thinking there's something familiar here...) Tell me if I'm wrong, but that's quite a coincidence that you found my blog through some other random way. Cool. Explore away.

  14. I hate Pinocchio too, but that doesn't mean I didn't ADORE your Jiminy Cricket reference. And that first picture sent my cuteness receptors into overdrive.

  15. As the last commenter on this blog, I have missed the opportunity to set the record straight. But let me just point out that Xander has two teeth. He's standing and moving around on the furniture. He's having lively conversations with himself using intonation and inflection. (For a kid without language he does an awfully good job of getting whatever he wants.) Methinks that Xander's Daddy was looking for an interesting blog topic and so he may have exaggerated a tad. Never fear. Xan is doing lots of fun milestoney stuff.