"Temporality is part of the truth" -- Chuck Klosterman

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Editor on the Prowl

Announcements! Announcements! Annou-ounnce-ments!
A terrible death to die.
A terrible death to die.
A terrible death to be talked to death.
A terrible death to die!

I learned that when I was eight or nine, at the only scout camp I ever went to. I only made it to Webelo. But I remember that chant. We were all supposed to yell it out whenever someone said they had an announcement. I still yell it in my head every single time anyone ever says that, ever. There must have been a lot of announcements at that camp.

That said, I have two announcements to make. (Go ahead and chant. I'll wait.)

I have made live two new websites bearing my name. The first is www.brentwescott.com. I am officially my own URL. Go ahead and Google me. I might not be first on the list yet, but I'm there somewhere.

www.brentwescott.com is my author website. It's true. I am an author. I've even written a novel. The title is Trendy Poseurs Go Home. It began as my Master's thesis in grad school and has evolved into what I can only call a coming of age masterpiece. The book jacket will certainly mention Catcher in the Rye, perhaps Nick Hornby, definitely the word "genius." Check out the first few pages on the website and let me know what you think. And if your best friend is an agent looking for the next YA phenomenon, forward all this on over. Thanks.

www.wescottwritingservices.com is my editor website. It's true. I enjoy editing. I've pretty much done it for a living since I began teaching, but I decided that I'd also like to help those who actually want to become better writers. You know, when I spend time marking a paper full of grammatical errors, making revision comments in the margins, it might be nice to know that my expertise will be taken seriously instead of the usual half-hearted attempts at doing the minimum possible to pass the course.

The intricacies of language have captivated me. My fascination piqued as I studied foreign languages (German, Portuguese, Spanish) and realized I was learning English grammar because I had to ascertain how the other language worked. Now I take pride in knowing things like what the Oxford comma is and why some people like it and some don't. And I ain't talking about the Vampire Weekend song.
There it is. Can you spot the Oxford comma?

So whether it's a blog post that needs proofreading, a college application essay that needs tweaking, or a short story that needs improving, I'm open for business at www.wescottwritingservices.com. I have the card with my name on it to prove it.

There you have it. My summer work. In July I'm attending the Write to Market Conference in San Francisco. See if I can stoke any interest in Trendy Poseurs Go Home and my editing capabilities.

End Announcement.


  1. Congratulations on your two new websites!

    If I google you and then click repeatedly...will that make you number one faster?

  2. Now that I've Googled the oxford comma, I realize that I usually use it. Am I an Oxfordian now?

  3. I didn't realize that was what it was called. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't. My old English teacher told us that it was fine either way, as long as one is consistent about it. Naturally as a rebellious teen I decided to use it every other time.

    Down with authority!

  4. Thanks, Chanel. Please click as often as you'd like. But someone recently found my blog site with the keywords "Buffy" and "shoulders emerged" so I have no idea how that search engine stuff works.

    Yes, Johann, you're an Oxfordian Commedian. Congratulations.

    Doug, consistency is the balm of the sane. Mark Twain might have said that. Or MLK. Or Barack Obama. There's lots of confusion about it on Facebook these days.

    Anyway, pick one. Stick with it, will ya?

  5. Yay for Brent's new websites! Fun-ness! Maybe I should use your editing skills for my novel that I've been working on for the last couple of years. It's finished, and now it's just sitting there, not doing anything.

    Either way, I'll be sure to check out your websites. Good luck on your novel. I'd like to read it. :)

  6. While I consider myself to be fairly well-read if not well written, it always surprises me when I find out what I don't already know. I'm going to have to discover the secrets of the Oxford comma now. And if I ever do finish my novel, I now know an editor. Yay!

  7. "A terrible death to be talked to death."

    Sounds like every Thursday night out on the yard with Sausage. One of these days that man will shear a hinge pin and his jawbone will skewer somebody three states away.

  8. Yes! I always preach the Oxford comma.

    I've just read the first few pages of your book. It brought me back to high school - in a wonderful way. I'd love to read the rest.

  9. Chris: I think that's the new Webelo battle cry. We didn't have that when I was young.

    Candice and darev: I'd love to help you out. And you don't have to have anything finished, either. Let me know.

    Amy: I might post more of the novel later, but for now, you have to be satisfied with the teaser.